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Saturday, October 31, 2009

A quick story about Kacy and being scared.

I was reading on Facebook about a friend who is having a Harry Potter marathon with her kids today because it's Halloween. I can't wait to do that, but I'll have to wait a long time. My kids get scared really easily, especially Kacy. It reminded me of an incident...

Last month, the younger kids got to watch "Finding Nemo" at school if they were "Zero Heroes" (a non-detention earner). Kacy ended up crying and being stressed out and scared at the beginning and was sent to the office so she didn't have to watch it. She said she was hanging out with the office ladies, and then noticed that some books were messy, so she cleaned up. Apparently, she organized all their books in the front area, and they gave her a new pencil and eraser. (This, from the girl who is saving money for a three ring binder with sheet protectors and tab dividers. Between her and Jessie, my home should be running smoothly in no time! Jessie likes to clean, Kacy likes organized paperwork... the boys may need a tent outside.)

Will watched the same movie and he said it was cool. Go figure.


  1. My kids have to like those kind of movies, it's in their DNA. C has already seen all of the Lord of the Rings, and loves Van Helsing, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and all of the Jurassic Parks. It takes a lot to scare them, like maybe Coraline! Seriously that movie scared the crap out of all of them.

  2. LOL That is too funny. That is how both of my girls are. They do not like scary movies at all. On the upside, Tanessa has no desire to see or read twilight (and such), which I do not think are appropriate for my 14 year old. Even though I love them. Ali can't even watch movies like Jumanji without have bad dreams for days. Spencer isn't such a scaredy cat but I limit what he can watch anyways. I only wish my kids (even 1 of them) were like Kacy or Jessie and liked to clean and organize. Their rooms can look like disasters and I ask them if they are embarrassed when their friends see it and they say, "Noooooo..........why?" Agh! You lucked out in that department for sure!

  3. Last week Russ went and tracked down the Disney version of Ichabod Crane. You know, the old animated story of the Headless Horseman... Ichabod as the large-eared school master. I remember watching the same cartoon every year during the afternoon on Halloween. It scared me half to death... every year... even when I was in 5th grade.

    Russ decided that it would be a super fun activity to watch the movie after it was dark. I was certain that the kids would be freaked out (we are fairly milatant about what they watch on t.v.), but both boys just thought all of Ichabod's antics were silly. They giggled through the whole flick... and it still freaked me out just a little.