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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sick Kids!

Will was officially sick from Thursday night until present. Well, he feels better, and is medicated, has no fever, but still sounds like he might hack up a lung. We'll see how that goes.

Kacy has had a cough for over a week. She doesn't have a fever, and the doctor said her cough is triggered by post nasal drip. Gross.

Jessie got sick Sunday night. She's on antibiotics. Her fever is now mild- she and Will have bronchitis.

Ed is so ornery, I didn't think he'd get anything. He spent the better part of yesterday jumping (literally) all over the furniture. Today he woke up with a fever and nasty lungs. I can hear him when he breathes, and I wish he'd just clear his throat. Except that he can't. For today, I'm looking forward to a quiet Ed.

Ryan is sick. I wonder if he'll go to the doctor- men in general tend not to take care of themselves that way. They don't want to take the time, they don't like to admit they are sick, or they hate the doctor. Pick a reason, any reason. The question is, how to get him to go so he doesn't drag it out (especially if it's what the kids have). No reason to give it to me...

Me- I'm relatively healthy! Crossing fingers and hoping for the best- bronchitis is my arch nemesis as it activates my mostly dormant asthma and almost always requires a trip to the doctor and a breathing treatment, which makes me high. I hate breathing treatments.

I have a great Urgent Care Center I love in Bakersfield. It's called Sendas NW Urgent Care. I have emailed them asking them to consider opening a facility up here where I live. Our health care options up here are ridiculous. Two Clinica Sierra Vistas (with a "we can see you in two weeks" when you are sick today...) and an ER that if it doesn't kill you will charge you a fortune before sending you to Bakersfield. And really, it's an ER, and I hate it when people with the flu go to an ER. Up here it's our only option... but generally, ER's should be reserved for emergencies. Not that I'd take my emergencies up here. I'd drive like a mad woman to Bakersfield or Ridgecrest first.

So, my next project is to talk to the owners of the Urgent Care and convince them there is a market up here. It sure would be nice...


  1. That would be nice! The clinica sierra vista in Lake Isabella is horrible!! They get mad at you for walking in and tell you you should have made an appointment. Like you planned for your child to get sick! The one in Wofford Heights is a little better and the people are generally nicer but it would be so awesome to have a better option up here. Good luck you go getter!!

  2. I went to that Urgent Care on New Years Day with Caleb this year, and they are great. Did you get any response to your email?
    Hope everyone feels better soon.