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Monday, October 12, 2009


  • is a Phineas and Ferb marathon on Disney XD leading up to the Phineas and Ferb Music Countdown... Ed and I are enjoying it! As I took out the trash, Ed informed me that he was going to build a time machine.
  • I went on iTunes to listen to some music. For movie night we watched "Meet the Robinsons" and I like the song that Frankie the frog sings. I was listening to some Jamie Cullum, and then discovered Michael Buble (because of the Chris Isaak hour on TV), and then rekindled my love of Barenaked Ladies and Bowling For Soup. I didn't download anything new because I'm undecided... except for George Strait's new album Twang.
  • I went through some hand-me-down clothes for Kacy from my friend Michelle- Kacy is going to be so excited to see the girl clothes. I'm excited because she is totally set for winter and spring... and there were enough shirts to save until summer, too!
  • I watched Jessie chew up a banana and spit it on the ground. I was not amused, but she was.
  • The kids are getting out of school early because the water well exploded or something this weekend. All the kids are on the middle school campus with a minimum day. I'm excited because they can come home and take a nap with everyone else. They are always so tired on Mondays. I wonder how the day went for the teachers. Out of their classrooms, none of their usual supplies... I'm sure the kids had a blast. Good thing the school is so small... with one Kindergarten class, I'm not too worried about Will getting lost. Just a little worried.
  • The day is only half over! I wonder what the rest of the day will be like. I do know it will include naps for everyone. If it was ten degrees cooler, it would include soup! (It's 72 right now.)


  1. It's cooled off enough, we are having soup for dinner! How did Ed's time machine turn out? Sounds like a crazy day for teachers.

  2. I don't like being cold and yesterday (when you posted) was great, today... not so much! Soup for dinner it is then.

  3. Hey Karrie! Are you guys having a crazy dust storm up there today too? It's fairly nasty down here.