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Saturday, November 28, 2009

An Adventure at the Laundromat- I'm ready to live the quiet life.

The laundromat burnt my clothes.

It went like this: it's raining and I needed to catch up on laundry. The fastest and easiest way is to go to the laundromat with the kids in the car (two slept, two read books). I wash, then dry the clothes. I get clothes out of dryer one, and mildly swear to myself that stupid dryers don't work for anything! Grumble at second dryer that only did slightly better. Not helpful are all the dryers marked "Does not heat up- sorry." and "Out of order." There are more of these than ones that work. Anyway, I go to dryer three to check on the clothes, as they were in the shortest time. I open the door and say, "Wow! These are smokin' hot... wait! They are smoking!" I start grabbing out my smoking clothes, glancing up at the sprinklers hoping they wouldn't come on. THAT would have taken my story to a whole new level. I doubt they even work. The clothes were so hot I couldn't handle them. I had to get a dish towel to hold them with.

I lost some whites (that are now brown), and a hoodie I've been wearing for the last seven years. The rest of the clothes stink, but I think are salvageable. I'm hoping to be able to hang them on the clothesline and air them out.

I am extremely grateful my one pair of jeans I own was in a different dryer. That would have sent me over the edge.


  1. I am still amazed that it could burn clothes? I wish I went to the laudromat, because I have done about 7 loads of laundry since yesterday!! It is a pain to wait and rotate the crap all day!

  2. Umm, wow. I didn't realize dryers could actually do that. I think after the rest of the week you've had, I would have cried, or laughed hysterically, and then been unable to stop.

  3. Karrie,
    Seriously you should sign up for reality TV. Not only would you make millions of people laugh you could make serious money. I am not saying that I am laughing at you just with you. Your live experiences are truly ones that you either cry and die or laugh and keep living. I know you laugh cuz your still living. Love ya :)

  4. Now we all know your scret. You guys all look smokin hot becaue of the way you dry your cloths. Very interesting.

  5. I just love you. Seriously. Your blog is thoroughly entertaining to me!

    Burnt clothes? Really?