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Monday, November 2, 2009

Airing Our Dirty Laundry

Not really... it's all cleaned. My dryer broke. I'm pretty sure it's the ignitor thingie. But the dilemma is this: do we order the part and fix it? Do we just wait until the house is done because we were going to get new ones anyway? Does Ryan take the time to fix this dryer, or work on the house? I vote house, so I engineered this clothesline. Poorly. Designing and engineering are not my strong points by any means. The non-stretch line I used... stretched. I think I've got it figured out since this picture was taken last week.

Guess what? I like using a clothes line. Here's why: the pants dry all straight and stiff- no weird wrinkles and no ironing. I can't let the clothes sit in the dryer all day forgotten. Whites are actually white. I like being outside with a purpose- it's almost cheerful. Not to mention the fact that the energy is free. I'm saving money on propane!

There are two drawbacks to a clothesline- stiff socks and board-like towels. Those are a little funky and could use a good fluff cycle. But other than that, I like it!

(Ryan thinks it's so weird that I put it over the flowers. I told him it's because I'm used to having to stack things in order to save space. I actually thought the clothes would drip water onto the flowers... but the clothes are spun dry really well!)


  1. Probably at some point you will have to fix it, because even though it was like 90 again today it will get cold, and no one likes to put on icy undies. My dad liked to use the clothesline during the summer and I remember hating the towels. I really like the picture, the color is neat, it looks old timey. You should make a print and hang it in your laundry room, when you have one and can decorate.

  2. Same thing happened with our dryer last year. We opted to fix it ($130). I'd fluff the towels in the dryer with no heat. It made them a bit softer. I think you could get a better deal on a used dryer off craigslist.

  3. I like the idea of the clothes line, but not the part where my neighbors can see my laundry.

    However, whiter whites just may make me a fan again.... of course winter is coming, and nothing is going to dry in the snow!