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Monday, November 23, 2009

A Bad Day for Driving

Last night on the way home, we had a near miss with running over a man with my car. We were coming up on a curve, and the oncoming motorcycle lost control and laid his bike over. Both he and the bike came into our lane. Ryan swerved into the other lane and then quickly got back into ours. I'm so glad he was driving. I decided last night that the man was very lucky Ryan was driving, or else he would have been squished under a car for sure. (But I hope my skills are better than that. They've never been tested, so I'm just not sure what I could have done.) We pulled over and Ryan got out to check on him, and the guy popped up and shouts, "I'm OK!" and then gets on his bike and continues on. Weird. This morning on the way to the post office, a fox hit my car. He ran down the side of a hill and right under my back tire. He's dead. I checked. He was really pretty, too. But dumb. AND THEN, on the way back from the post office, a Tahoe type SUV crossed the double yellows into my lane, and it was becoming a situation where I had to consider the possibility of driving my car into the field of cows to avoid a collision. He got back into his lane and no harm was done, but seriously, after the motorcycle guy and the dead fox, I was not amused.

Some lessons I may want to learn from this:
  • Need first aid kit, flashlight, and maybe those reflective triangles for my car.
  • Need to sign up for a first aid/CPR class. I was certified for many years, but it's lapsed and I'd like a refresher.
  • Might be fun to take a driving course where I could learn all those technical defensive driving things.
  • My very low blood pressure does NOT hold up well under extreme stress, like having a guys helmet in your headlights. My blood vessels dilate and my heart can barely keep up. I'm a wimp!
  • I might be remotely descended from trappers- I briefly thought to myself "What a waste of a perfectly good fox. I should skin that fox!" Then I grossed myself out and thought, "Where did THAT come from?" SO WEIRD.


  1. Maybe I have heard too many stories, but the first thought I had was if he didn't want help the motorcycle guy must have been either drunk, or unlicensed. A month or so ago I almost ran someone over in the canyon. It was 11pm and he was wearing all black standing in oncoming traffic waving people down because he wanted a ride to the gas station. There is more to that story but it is long and still makes me angry...so. Poor fox, but that is what happens to the dumb ones!

  2. okay all good ideas but maybe you should just not drive for a while. You know, just stay home and enjoy your scenery! :o)

  3. All things come in threes so I think you're good for a while! :)

  4. I am sure that you have great information through Ryan, but I took CPR through the Red Cross this weekend. The instructor was HILARIOUS! He works for the Sherrif's Search and Rescue department and teaches at the Red Cross as a volunteer. He said that if you take CPR through the sherrif's department, it is free. The only charge is 10$ that is to get the certification card... the Red Cross charges that amount for their card and the cost is just passed on. If you go through Red Cross directly, it will be 50$ for CPR and extra for First Aid.

    Ken Richter (his last name may not be spelled right) was the instructor. He said you can find him on the Sherrif's website.

  5. YIKES! My worst nightmare is running over someone with my car.

    WORST nightmare!

    Glad all is well.