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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dirty Kids are my Favorite!

Will is actually pretty clean here. I think that's a little blood on his face. I didn't ask what happened because he was especially "sensitive" today.
Kacy is making sure all parts of her get dirty from the slide. We can't forget the front!
How can you not snuggle with a face like this, crusty snot and all? Her shirt was especially gross. I have no idea what some of the stains even are.
And last but not least, Pig Pen. He rolls in the dirt. And if he can't roll in it, he throws it up in the air like it's raining dirt.

After each bath tonight, the water was so murky that you couldn't see the bottom of the bath tub.

If dirt is an indicator of fun for us mountain folks, my kids had the best day ever!


  1. Can you Photoshop the dirt off Ed's face bc it is a great shot of him. I love when kids play in the dirt. Don't love the laundry afterwards.

  2. Great pictures! I DO think dirt is a direct "fun indicator". Fischer is a dirt magnet too... he and Ed would make great buddies!

    I hate when I've taken "cute" pictures of Fischer, only to realize later that his face is dirty! Once I took a whole photoshoot of him for our Christmas card... never even noticed the food all over his face till I put the pics up on the computer!

  3. I decided dirt IS te fun indicatior, it makes me not feel as bad when my kids are filthy

  4. Karrie,

    You really are getting super good with your photog skills! I LOVE how you capture your kids how they really are and not all faked out! Love it.