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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Highs and Lows of Today

Low: Ed throwing a fit on the way out the door early this morning.

High: Working in Kacy and Will's classrooms.

Low: Finding out Will got a detention yesterday for not listening to his teacher after 3 times of being told to put his toothbrush timer away. He lied, he was sneaky, and he got caught. (I knew he got a detention yesterday when Kacy told me. Will couldn't remember why.) I was not amused.

High: Walking from Kacy's classroom to Will's classroom and seeing a cattle drive on the Hwy. Hundreds of cattle, real cowboys, and lots of mooing right next to the school fence. Cows make me happy- I'm not sure why. (Cheese?) Oh- and get this: Kacy's class is learning about bears. ALL about bears. She came home yesterday with a "bear bracelet." I thought she was being silly, but it turns out they really did make bear bracelets. They have jingle bells on them.

High: Pizza for lunch at our Primary Presidency meeting.

High: Seeing Ryan for the first time since Friday morning. (Yes, he still lives here- he's just been really busy and working afternoons. And if I go anywhere in the mornings, then we don't see each other that day.)

Low: Will having a meltdown about not getting any pizza. It was bad. I needed a time-out.

High: Healthy dinner for me- steamed broccoli, tuna, and melted cheese (Light on the cheese.) It's surprisingly good. No, really. All mixed up together.

Low: It went like this: Me: "Ed, stop jumping." 30 seconds later, "ED! Stop jumping around. Sit down if you are going to watch TV or go in your room and play with toys!" 10 seconds after that, "ED! Stop jum..." and then I go and get an ice pack because he jumped, slipped, and hit the corner of his FACE on the corner of the TV STAND. (Which reminds me, I need to locate my first aid kit and stock up. I think it's out at the house. We had some boo-boos that needed some band-aids. I think it would be funny to go get some Little Mermaid band-aids and put them out at the house.)

High: I'm hoping bedtime is a high. I'm a little tired, and my kids are trying to kill me. Death by insanity. If Ed doesn't get what he wants, he starts saying things like, "It's not my fault. It's not fair!" even if it's out of context. Will has been giving a lot of stubborn attitude to me, being very insistent to try and get his way. My boys are definitely trying to kill me. The girls just want their toenails painted. Here's to a new start tomorrow. If we don't have any meltdowns before 8am, I'll be happy.

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