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Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Pictures From the Last Few Months

We had a "Hawaiian" party in honor of cousin Caley leaving for BYU-H. The food was the main show- grilled marinated chicken breasts (in a homemade soy/ginger/pineapple concoction) served over a bed of steamed rice, with fresh pineapple. The homemade "grass" skirts are because if I mention the word party at all, my kids cling to the idea and then run with it. No party is complete without decorations- Kacy and Will drew palm trees, a sun, and some waves, and then hung the papers all over the trailer. Aloha, Caley!
Yummy treats- melt some white chocolate (real or fake) and then pour in your healthy cereal of choice like Kashi Go Lean, or Fiber One. Warning: very easy to do, and so yummy, but DO NOT overdose on high fiber chocolate laden treats. It'll get ya.

I took a picture of Jessie's hair one day after I "did" it- because a picture lasts longer. She likes her hair to be free, and it's usually stuck to her face with snot. It was cute while it lasted!
I love the look on Jessie's face in this picture- she looks irritated but slightly amused (?) at the same time.
I gave Kacy my camera on Thanksgiving day, and these are just some of the gems she took. (I refuse to post the 86 pictures of knic-knacs she took at my grandmas house...)
A self portrait, of course!
Aack! Me, examining my camera. It's been awhile since I made an appearance on my blog, and since I'm not mid-chewing any food, I'll take it.
I gave Kacy my camera on Thanksgiving... here is Mike, Cousin Jennifer, and Emma.
Three of my nieces!
A fun shot of Will on the scooter-
And last, but not least, SpongeBob on a pillow. There are LOTS more where this came from.

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