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Friday, November 6, 2009

Veteran's Day Program

Our school puts on a Veteran's Day program. I missed last year, but was able to go this year. It was neat- the kids all seemed to enjoy it, and the invited Veteran's did too. (My pictures were terrible- I took my zoom lens, and the lighting was terrible. I tried to fix them as best I could- and maybe no more sitting in the back of the gym.)
Kacy and some of the other first graders. They sang two songs about peace. I didn't know the songs, except that the words were set to familiar tunes.
The Kindergarten and second grade classes. They tie-dyed tee shirts. I bet if I had washed Will's shirt first, it would have turned out better. He wanted an all red shirt, and it turned out pink. He loves it.
They sang and signed "God Bless America" and "Oh Beautiful."
At the end the Eighth graders (and I think some third graders?) sang a popular song that I can't remember. (I remember now- "Proud To Be An American") The kids started waving their flags. They passed out little flowers to the Veteran's in attendance.

I had a good time- I sat with some friends from church, and got to watch lots of the kids from our Primary perform.

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