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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Christmas Party!

Last night, we went to Ryan's parents' house for the annual Christmas party. The buffet lived up to it's reputation. It was delicious. I had a great time, because I got to sit in the dining room talking to adults almost the WHOLE TIME. The kids were busy playing (nicely! quietly!) and only needed a drink refill once or twice. Because I was sitting in the dining room almost the entire time, I took very few pictures. But I did get a shot of my two favorite babies. They really aren't babies anymore, but since they are the youngest of the group right now, they get that title.
My number four punk, who accessorized herself with the snow beanie.
Jocelyn's number four punk, Mr. Levi.

Our number four punks are six weeks apart. They are super fun to watch interact because they are so similar. My favorite is when they get in a "mine" match. They reserve it for when they get together, then it's game ON for the "mines." It is so fun to watch. They both have very sweet personalities.

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  1. Those are great pics! I really like the blurred background on Jessie's picture. Is that bokeh?