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Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Project, and a Camera for Sale

I've started a new project for myself. Not chickens (yet!). I saw this on a photography website I sometimes read and thought I'd apply it to myself: Project 365. The idea is to take one picture a day for an entire year. I decided to start before January 1 because I have some other projects in the works and don't want to overwhelm myself. So far, I'm enjoying it, and it has really made me think about what I'm doing with my camera. I've already missed one day, but hey, sometimes life gets in the way. There is a link on my sidebar to my project, and all I can say about it is that it is a work in progress. The chicken is my favorite picture I took yesterday... see what I mean?

I'm seriously considering selling my camera I have now and upgrading. If anyone is in the market, here are the details.
Canon Rebel 300D with 18-55mm lens (no scratches on lens, camera in great condition-always in a bag, etc.), remote shutter release, the battery charger (and a new battery I bought in July), a new 4GB CF memory card, a three month old Lowepro all weather camera bag. You can get everything above (in the same condition- they don't make my camera anymore, so you can only get used), for $470 from Amazon. . Email me at karrie@hughes.net if you are interested, have questions, or want to make me an offer.


  1. I would love some tips on PSE! I think your 365 project sounds fun. What kind of camera are you looking to get? Just curious.

  2. Cori- I want a Canon 50D. (And, I fixed my blog to say that you can get all that stuff for $470 from Amazon... not from me. I'm cheaper.) I don't need two cameras, and Ryan and I have been talking about upgrading for awhile now. He's a great photographer (who doesn't really have the time right now), and as you see, I'm learning.
    We'll get together the first week the kids go back...

  3. why after Christmas???? I wanted a camera for Christmas so bad, but now all the money is gone. If you have it when we recover (whenever that will be, tax time?) I want it then!