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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

My favorite resolution I've seen so far this year is from my friend Melissa H. from up North. She resolves to eat a carnival food at least once a week.

That's something I could stick with!

I've set some goals for myself already, so I might as well write them down and make them official. Mine are mostly right brained activities. (Ouch!)

1- Practice and play the piano more.
2- Write more. Not necessarily on the blog, but in general. Blank books are my favorite things on earth, and I can ramble in writing like nobody's business (see below).
3-Take better photos. Hence the Project 365 to help me improve. My only goal for that is to take fabulous pictures for my house and as gifts for friends and family.

And, last but not least, a fitness goal. Like always. And I usually do pretty well with theses, as I like fitness stuff. My goal this year is run a 10K by my birthday (even if it's just me ON my birthday running- anyone interested in a birthday party where you run a 10K? We could end at an ice cream place...). And, it's slightly, remotely, as in hell COULD freeze over, maybe do a marathon in October. I haven't looked it up at all. But a buddy from out of state (LISA!) is going to do it. She's the kind of person that does what she says, so she'll do it. It's in San Fran. In October. I'm thinking it's possible. But I'm not sure. Maybe my house will be done and I'll get a treadmill for my birthday for those days when I have to run indoors... it would be a possibility. (I hate treadmills. They are SO boring.) I'm not committing to that one at all... just an idea. 10K is as good as done. If no one wants to come to my birthday party with their running shoes, I understand. However, my birthday is in June, so you have lots of time.

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