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Friday, December 11, 2009

Pre-New year's Eve Goals

Because of my recent musical meltdown ("I'm SOOOOO terrible! I'm not good at anything! WWHHHAAAAA!" whine, whine, whine...), I've decided to set some goals for myself.

1.) Stop whining. About everything. (And on that note, our 48 hours of no water is fixed! I'm taking a shower!)
2.) Practice a new level appropriate piece per month. I'm not going to set time restraints on myself, I'll just have to do it when I can. The whole family/house building thing comes first.
3.) Find a good book for scales practice. I have piano butterfingers, and I was thinking today that doing some finger exercises while hitting the right notes would be helpful. Even if it's boring.
4.) Find a piece that sounds good and play it in church. Which I hate doing... because I sweat and my fingers shake... but I did find a cool piano duet that I'd like to try. It'll take lots of practice though.
5.) Be grateful that I can read music and sing in the choir and accompany every so often... be grateful... be grateful...be.grateful.

Now, if I could just get my fitness goals in order. I'm kind of waiting for the house for that, when I have room to move. My trailer is 300 square feet. For the six of us. Our loft/TV/theater room is 400 square feet. It's SO WEIRD to stand in that room and think, "This is bigger than what we live in now." And then I think, "Once we move in, I'm NEVER leaving my house!" I'm going to run around and around the house like the kids do because I CAN! Right after I bake something. Probably cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

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  1. Shoulda said this earlier, you did GREAT today! (playing in sacrament)