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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Since Saturday...

Sunday we went to church and I accompanied Mindi and Terrie, and they sounded awesome. I had the song stuck in my head the whole day. I only messed up once, and then had two spots where I played the right notes but was too timid to actually play them and they got chopped off. I also may have been playing too loudly, but it's hard to tell when the piano is behind the singers. The song was called "Where You There On That Christmas Night?" I think.

Sunday afternoon we went to grandma and grandpa Bunting's house and had some family pictures. Cousin David took the pictures, and he had his lights set up and just snapped away, so that there were lots to choose from. All in one pose... we like to keep things simple and FAST when dealing with eight kids under eight.

Sunday night we went to the stake Men's Christmas Choir and program. Besides to whole idea of making our kids sit quietly in church, again, it was good. The best part of all was the men's singing. The sounded so good, and I could have listened to at least 20 more songs from them. The rest of it could have been omitted and substituted with song.

I don't remember Monday.

Oh wait, yes I do. Jessie woke up CRANKY and with a fever. We went to Ridgecrest to get some batteries for Ryan's truck, and to do a little Christmas shopping. Jessie perked up by noon (I gave her some Motrin that morning).

3:30Am- Jessie up and screaming. Fever of 103. More Motrin and some time sitting on my lap getting cooled off.

Tuesday Jessie woke cranky again. I took her to Urgent Care, where she was diagnosed with another ear infection. She's prone to them, and the mention of tubes in her ears as a possibility of fixing it discussed. My sister Karen has horrible ears, and my nephew Benjamin had tubes in his ears, twice. He hasn't had a problem with his ears for years now. My sister still has problems.

Last night we went to our first 4-H meeting. I'm the Cloverbuds leader. I wasn't sure what to plan because of I'd never been to the place before, I wasn't sure what the kids were interested in, and it's just been hectic this month. I didn't have my act together. We played a couple of get to know you games and planned what they wanted to learn about. Next month: Pets and pet care. Woot!

General Observations:
Ed is super, super-duper funny. He just is. His favorite movie this week has become "Space Buddies."
Will got in a fight on the bus the week before last, and then got his card pulled three times in one day last week. He was never the only one to get his card pulled, but still- group effort or not, the boy needs to smarten up. He is well academically, but he has the "Kindergarten Stupids" ever now and then. The fight was because a kid took his picture that he had drawn for Ryan and ripped it. Will said he got so mad that he pushed the kid. They got into a pushing match until Will's head hit a window and got a goose-egg. The bus driver made them apologize to each other, shake hands, and Will "gets" to sit in the front of the bus.
Kacy is still drawing away in her art book. She plugs along, being bossy every now and then, but generally very helpful.
Jessie still pats me on the back when I pick her up. It's like she's trying to soothe me, and she's done it since she was four months old. I hope she never stops.
Ryan is looking forward to five weeks off to work on the house. Hallelujah says me.
I continue to plug along, occasionally saying stupid things that don't sound that same as I mean them too. I like writing "way more better" for that reason. Don't ever take my words too seriously.

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  1. Jim and I will be there a lot in Jan to help on the house! Remember Will got in a fight for a good reason when it comes to standing up for family. Trever had tubes in his ears and helped unbeleivably. I wish i could spell with confidence so I don't look so stupid!