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Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Extended Family Pics From Christmas Day

My niece Sara-Jane. She's a ball of attitude, this one is. The baby of the family recently uprooted by Charlotte... she's so fun to watch.
Cousin Maryellen, currently residing somewhere in Utah. Has new baby Abby, married to Brandon, and going to school.
The always stylish Lindsey.
My Aunt Kristin holding Charlotte. Some people say we have the same attitudes. Those same people don't think that's a good thing. We both think it's funny.
Jocelyn: lives in a house full of boys and finds refuge in creating cute things from fabric.
Niece Gracie showed up to Christmas like this. A big ol' ball of pinkness. She's painfully quiet until she doesn't think you are listening to her, and then she opens up and won't stop talking. Her and Kacy are buddies, and they are only 20 months apart!
My cousin April, who works at a high school in our county as an administrator of some sorts. VERY talented pianist and vocalist, with one heck of a brain in her noggin. I didn't get any decent pictures of her sisters Jennifer and Caley: bad lighting for Jennifer, and Caley was always talking and trying SO HARD to pretend I didn't have a camera. It didn't work out so much for her, and I promised my family I would not post or print unflattering pictures of them.

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