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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"It's Supposed to be a LITTLE Cold."

See that big crack in the metal pipe? That's bad. That was the reason we didn't have water for two days a couple of weeks ago. It was fixed, but it isn't the first time it has happened. With the wicked freezing we have up here, it has happened every winter, more than once. Last year was particularly harsh; I think we replaced five different joints/lengths of pipe on five different occasions.
This is the reason we have the trouble. Our water system is out in the open, waiting for some shelter. Ryan is working on it right now, building a well house. We have some storage tanks and filtration stuff to go in there, too. We have sandy soil and a bit of sediment we'd like to omit from our water. Plus, the freezing pipes/bursting pipes is not fun.
Last night at the family party went something like this:
Ryan: "Hey Oscar, want to come help me with the well house sometime?"
Oscar: "Sure! I'll come up tomorrow, around 8:30."
Karrie: "Bring some warm clothes, it's supposed to get a little cold."

Last week was a perfectly dry 60*.

This morning it is 39* with wind gusts at 45 mph, and a wind chill. It feels like 15*... I'd say that was "a little cold."

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  1. HA! LOVE IT! Hope they were able to get a lot done in the cold.