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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Visit from Santa at the Ward Party

Ed saw the line for Santa, skipped the cookies, and waited by himself. This is where I found him. See the girl walking our of the picture? Poor momma had her youngest boy puke all over the floor while waiting in line.
Ed wouldn't tell Santa what he wanted, he just smiled at him the whole time.
Kacy, who told her mom that she wanted the biggest, hugest art kit ever in a black box with markers, pencils, colors, and pastels told Santa she wanted a Hannah Montana microphone. Girl gettin' art supplies and not a microphone SAY WHAT?
In perfect Will style, he told Santa he wanted Lego's. YES!
Jessie just wanted out of there.


  1. Actually, he made it through the line and off Santa's lap before he threw up. I am really glad it wasn't on anyone, and I feel a little bad that he was there at all.
    Ed looked absolutely awed as he came walking over to get in line, he was very focused!

  2. AWW! I love the little girl! She looks so scared! But yet, I can't stop laughing!