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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ed-masaurus Rex

Ed is going through a dinosaur phase right now. His favorite show is "Dinosaur Train" on PBS. (Of course! Dinosaurs AND trains? Who was THAT genius??? Actually, I think it's the Hensons. I'll check on that.) He calls himself "Ed-ma-saurus Rex." The rest of the family has a name, too. Mine is Mom-a-saurus, Ryan is Dad-ma-saurus, and on and on for the kids. He says he is NOT an herbivore, and NOT an omnivore, but only a carnivore because he likes to eat meat and fish. (In real life, Ed is my one of my kids who will eat peas, carrots, and broccoli...) He does a lot of stomping around.

He is STILL making robot/transformer noises as he goes about his daily life. Lifts an arm? Makes the noises. Lifts the other arm? Makes the noises. Puts the arms down? Makes the noises in the reverse order. I should find the Transformers Dinobots episodes for him. He's be thrilled!


  1. I wish we lived closer because I think C and Ed would be best friends!

  2. Worst Buy...ope I mean Best Buy has the Transformer cartoons on DVD that our husbands use to watch as kids. JC bought it for "the kids" (haha). They love it. The old GI JOE cartoons too.

  3. Did I send the picture of Ed in the Trasnsformer helmet? It talks and makes your voice sound funny. He LOVED it! I'd send it home with you but
    1.What would he have to play with while he's here?
    2.I kinda like you sane!

  4. K. That kinda sounded like he made me insane. I was insane before Ed, and I only hear it 2 hours a week. Much more and it wouldn't be so darn cute!