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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gracie's Mentos Birthday Party. I mean "Princess Party"

It was a party today, complete with bounce house, pinata, and a very cool science experiment. Jessie had a blast with the bounce house...
...and then running to this guy. She was my dad's best buddy today. She spent the better part of the party climbing out of the bounce house, giving my dad a hug, and then running back. (And repeat.)
Everyone has that one uncle... and this is my kids'. This guy like blowing things up. (Think watermelons for July Fourth, and I'm pretty sure I heard something about a pumpkin...) Enter the Mentos/Soda fun. He found out today that 20 Mentos in non-diet cola (generic dollar store soda was used) worked the best. Fill the PVC with said Mentos (the minty kind... not sure if this makes a difference), insert stopper (a nail or piece of metal hanger through a hole), get pusher ready (wooden dowel) by inserting on top of Mentos in PVC, and let 'er go!
Remove the stopper, use the dowel to quickly push the Mentos in, and then run. Will thought this was especially cool. So did I.


  1. Wow...I've heard it would blow, but have never actually seen it! Great shot!

  2. Michael always finds a way to steal the show by lighting himself on fire or in this case... blowing up soda. That's funny.

  3. I came across your blog while googling something else.. I just wanted to say it's great and you have a beautiful family. Good job, and thanks for sharing!