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Monday, January 25, 2010

Jared is Four!

Happy Birthday Jared!
Jared ended his week of birthday festivities at grandma's house. He requested a robot cake.
Jocelyn put this cake together. One 8x8 cake for the body (cut two little squares out for the head/shoulder area), 10 cupcakes, some Skittles, and some chewy Lifesavers, and voila! A robot cake. This cake was semi-healthy, too. The frosting was whipped topping (Cool Whip). Hers was a jello cake (Yummy! Refreshing!), but you could whip this up using a white cake mix, egg whites, and applesauce, and then use the whipped topping... or not. You could make this very unhealthy, too. Either way, the kids loved it!
Spencer could be calculating how to sneak some skittles without his mom knowing. Or, he could be contemplating the universe. You decide.
Outside, Jessie wanted an mandarin. Grandma was happy to share!
This is Uncle Karl. He's cool. He is a conductor for the Union Pacific, and is pretty laid back. I like this picture because he was playing with his granddaughter Sarah. I also like it because Aunt Gaye (his wife) is smiling in the background reflection.

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  1. I think Spencer is contemplating an "experiment". They usually involve water and salt and pepper.