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Friday, January 8, 2010

Painting the Well House

Thursday went by like a blur. I know I was in Bakersfield. I know I came home, threw the groceries on the counter and left to practice the musical number for this Sunday. After that, I don't really remember. But Friday? I remember Friday. I painted, among other things.
Our mostly completed well house. Ready for spring, when it'll get stucco. The inside still needs some work. My job is to paint it. I'm the designated painter of the family. I don't mind.
Here's the inside, with the cut-in done. I used "Kilz build up." Painting OSB is no fun. (OSB= oriented strand board) The silver tank is a pressure tank. It will be gone when we put a new system in consisting of some smallish storage tanks, filters, and a pressure pump. The actual well is the white pipe with the silver box on top. So glad not to have frozen and busted water anymore!
My "helpers." I can't wait until they can actually be helpful. I let them play with all of Ryan's tools. Well, not the sharp ones... those I took away as soon as they found them. But everything else was fair game. They were fully engaged with a socket set as they took out all the sockets and tried to fit them back in.

I got the first coat finished. After this, I took a shower, answered two phone calls, made a phone call, packed the kid's stuff, and then left for a date! It was a very busy day.

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