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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some things I have been thinking about in the last 24 hours:

-My career. Specifically, my "getting paid" career. I am grateful to be able to stay at home and not have to work. I'm lucky, I know. But sometimes I wonder. Which direction to go, which career path to pursue. I'm not sure if the Superintendent/principal expects me to apply for a preschool position, if she thinks I want to, or if she wants me to... and I've going back and forth for over a year whether or not I should. Jessie would most likely be at a babysitter. Ed would go with me. The following year, Jessie would go with me, too. Ed will be in Kinder. Jessie could stay with Dad on the days he didn't work. But do I want to even do that? The extra money is always nice, I'd be good at it, but I don't know if it's the right thing. I could wait and then substitute when the kids are all in school and wait further until a teaching position opens up. I could work towards getting a credential in English so I could possibly teach at the High School level. This would mean a few more classes for me. Or, I could just stay home. I'd love to volunteer my time at the kids' school (see below).So many choices and possibilities.

-Getting the house done. Can't wait for that one! Maybe by my birthday!

-Volunteering to be the librarian at my kids' school because they don't have one. And maybe teaching the third graders the recorder/flutophone. And how to help those kids have music at the school. I'm mildly musical myself, so I'm not sure how teaching it would be. Mildly. Think of the thermometer on salsa bottles. Hot is at the top, then medium, then mild. I'm good enough for what I do, but that doesn't mean I have the skills to teach others, you know?

-I don't believe in this much, but I might have to look up my dreams and analyze them. Only because I have a reoccurring theme. I'm usually at a college, and I get in an elevator. The door closes, and without fail the dang thing starts tilting all directions, trying to spill me out. I usually have to make a leap out the partially open door to safety after the ride of my life. Last night when I had this dream, I was not feeling scared, but rather annoyed, like "Here we go again!" I'm thinking it must mean something.
I know the dream I had last night about my Aunt Diane flying the kids and I to Texas was all about how I need to clean out my purse. The conflict in the dream was trying to pack for everyone, and everything was all over the car, and we forgot stuff... then I was almost missing the flight, and the kids were on the plane already, and... well, I've been having purse problems lately, and everything is a mess.
And the dreams I had for 8 years about being back in High School, having to take all my classes over again because I never graduated... I'd tell the teachers, "But I can teach this class!" and they'd just laugh at me and say "Don't be silly. Sit down and get out your papers." I'd wake up knowing I graduated HS, but wondering about college. Those stopped when I started taking a class here and there.
But the shifty-lopsided-too fast-too slow elevator ride? Who knows.

-Yesterday I ran. "I ran so far a-way-hey-hey." (That's a song!) I ran 1.5 miles and walked/ran the last 1.5 miles. I went to bed early. It was NICE.


  1. You are more than able to teach recorders. Remember, that at their age they are only going to start out playing songs that only have 3- 4 notes at the beginning. Hot Cross buns, Mary Had a little lamb, etc. :) They will think you are a rock star on the recorder.

    I think about going back to work but then I remember how stressful life was. I'm going to wait until the kids are in school full time especially because we don't have any family in town to help out. Cliff worked graves Julia's first year while I worked and boy was he a tired dad. Besides you are going to have a house to decorate soon!

  2. I have a recurring dream that I am flying (arms out like a bird and all) it's great until I realize I don't know how to land and am going to slam into the ground. I think it may have something to do with feeling my life is out of control. I haven't had it in a long time...
    You could totally teach the flutophone, or do any of the other things you listed. I would say pick the one thing that you feel is needed the most and focus on just that. You probably could do it all, but then it may make you crazy.