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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Aftermath

The kids had their school Valentine's Day parties today. They came home with LOTS of treats: leftover cupcakes, candies, and cookies. I don't know if the "Wellness Policy" that is so common is a law or a trend, but I'm happy to report that our school doesn't follow it very often. Jocelyn's kids' school has no idea what a wellness policy is- they party with frosting all the time. Kendra's kids' school sent home notes about not attaching any candies to the Valetine cards to be passed out. Bummer.

When I taught 8th grade Language Arts (yay! my favorite year of teaching, ever!) Valentine's Day was kind of fun. The kids would receive candy-grams from their friends, and it was fun to see them get hugely embarrassed at the attention that came with someone interrupting class to sing to them, or hand them a rose. SO FUNNY-because it wasn't me. By the end of my second year of teaching Second Grade, I promised myself I would call in a substitute before I hosted another in-class V-day party. The kids were spastic balls of "when are we passing out cards?" and "My mom sent these cupcakes!" Picture little cupcakes with HUGE amounts of airbrushed frosting on them. Times 10 students. In a room with no sink.

I might possibly be the Valentine's Grinch.

Don't send chocolate. I would hate you for it. If you must, send a treadmill.

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