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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Bloody Day

Nothing life threatening, but a bunch of semi-minor injuries, and I'm ready for bed.
1) Ed got pink eye yesterday. We stockpile drops, so he'll be better in no time. He couldn't go to preschool today though. That's probably where he got it. It's not bloody, but just adds to the mess that is Ed's face. Read on...
2) While running errands today, we ran into Target. We were looking at notebooks, and Ed trips on his feet, falls, and hits his face on the bottom of the shopping cart. He bleeds, he gets a fat lip, and he has a loose tooth. We hurry to the bathroom to clean him up, pay for our stuff (hey- I don't drive an hour and a half to walk out empty handed...) and then I call our dentist. I take him over, where he gets an X-ray and a check-up. Nothing is fractured or knocked out of place. His gums look horrible, as does the inside of his lower lip.
3) While playing outside, Ed hits the back of his head on something metal (I was inside, so I'm not sure what it was), and now has a bump on the back of his head. No blood.
4) While playing outside 20 minutes later, Ed gets hit in the head with a shovel. Will was shoveling dirt, and Ed's forehead somehow got in the way. A small gash, bump, and a small amount of blood.
5) Ed slammed Jessie's thumb in the trailer door. No blood. Lots of tears.
6) While we were having our fun day in town, Ryan sliced his left hand open while working with some of the chimney parts. It probably needs stitches, but he's just going to butterfly bandage it, with lots of Neosporin. We've had good success with that method before, like the time when he was butchering a pig, and the pig's leg kicked one hand, which had a very sharp knife in it. That knife cut Ryan's finger to the bone... he put himself back together with some Neosporin and butterfly bandages. He said that it didn't bleed at first, it was just all fleshy and white. Then it bled. I'm glad I didn't have to see it.


  1. Love it! Not that everyone got hurt but that my family isn't alone in the crazy days of injurys. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. Sounds like it is a good thing the week is almost over! Not that it will really make a difference,but I think it is nice just to have the illusion of a fresh start every Sunday. Good luck, I hope everyone heals quickly.

  3. Spencer woke up with pink eye this morning. I'll be taking him home after an awards assembly.

    It totally stinks when kids get hurt...or spray themselves in the face with pepperspray. There just isn't much you can do for them, cause its just gonna hurt. I hope Ed heals quickly!


  4. Oh my goodness!! What a nightmare! Your bad day stories can always top mine! Hope today is better.

    BTW, that picture on your header is so cool!

  5. I DID see that cut from the pig butchering (our pig) and it definitely bled ... a lot. I remember Ryan asking for a suture kit. Not having one handy, he cleaned it, wrapped it really really tight - I had anesceptic and bandages in my car - and put his glove back on which added extra pressure. Then he went back to work on the pig - your husband is flat amazing!

  6. 5 out of 6 of those has Ed as the common denominator. LOL! We stockpile super glue, works better than butterflies alone. Hope your weekend starts looking up soon.