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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Call From WHO?

We have a phone that announces who is calling. It's handy when I have two hands full to hear who is calling so I can decide if I need to answer it right away, or if I can call them back shortly. On Wednesday night, as I was doing the dishes, I got a call. It rang twice, and the phone announced who it was:

"Call from Jesus Christ."

You should have seen Kacy and Will's eyes when they heard this.

It was a guy calling from the church building to see if I had my ham radio call sign yet. He had looked it up for me (thanks!) and was letting me know what it was. Thanks, SB!

For the record, my call sign is KJ6FIU.

I immediately thought, "Oh no! I hope it doesn't sounds like I'm saying "F-U" on air. How offensive! I told Ryan, and said it was a cool call sign because the Sheriffs do "F-I's" which mean "field interviews." So it's easy to remember for him. Regardless, I'll be sure to enunciate very carefully.

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