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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family History: Convert Your Old Photos to Digital

These are a set of my great-grandparents, Myrtle and Leroy Wright, a la Idaho. I didn't take the original, obviously, but I took a picture of the picture. This allowed me to resize it at a high resolution. The original is somewhere around a 4x6, and I can now make larger prints. I also cleaned it up a touch, removing the orange cast and cropping the frame. The original is below.

Now, I do not endorse taking pictures of pictures that have a current copyright, as that is illegal. However, taking pictures of old photographs is a good way to preserve the picture.

Some tips:

-don't use a flash.

-handle the original as little as possible.

-to remove the orange hue (for clarity- some pictures are really cool with the oragne tone)- in your digital imaging program, find the "filter" and apply a blue filter. Adjust opacity to suit your taste.

-in the metadata, include the names of the people in the notes, unless you have it written down someplace else.

Here's another example:

The original.

I included the tablecloth in the background so I could later crop it and make it the right ratio. Most digital cameras' photos are very rectangular, and if you were print the image without cropping, your picture would be clipped.

Cropped, and adjusted with a bit of contrast boost, shadows lightened, and a blue filter applied. It doesn't beat the original, but it's a great second place. AND, I can make copies of this for any person in my fam who wants one. Now, Grandma! If you are reading this, I need to know who these people are. I forgot to ask you.

And Grandma S! You are next! Find some pictures of the family (especially your parents, and papa's parents...)

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