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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hired By Demand Studios

I applied and was hired as a freelance writer for Demand Studios. I like it! I'm not sure EXACTLY why I decided to become a freelance writer, but here I am. DS is a content mill. They are contracted with websites who need articles. The titles are posted, along with a format, and if I want to write the article, I click on it, and then have a week. (And I promise I take the time to edit those...unlike my blog posting.) I can work as little or as much as I want to. I could theoretically work 10 hour days at my writing desk, researching and composing articles. Or, I could sit in my TV watching chair with my netbook on my lap, and write an article while the kids watch Cars. Because I certainly do NOT have a writing desk in the trailer. We are going to use my earnings to build up our Emergency Fund. Building the house has depleted our Emergency Fund, and that doesn't sit well with us.

We'll see where this adventure takes me.

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