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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Moving My Blog

Mules N' Honey

A while ago, Jocelyn asked me, "What are you going to call your blog after you move out of the trailer?" A very good question... so after a year of thinking about what to do with the ol' blog, I consulted with Ryan, and we came up with our new plan. I love Blogger, but my blog is a little scattered for my taste, and looking towards the future, will only get more random. I like organization. The new blog has three sections. So, my family can keep up with the family, the guys who are only interested in the house can look at house and property stuff, and the animals that we will shortly be acquiring (within the year) will have their own section. I look forward to the animals part... a little of everything!
We have big plans.
The name "Mules N' Honey" come from the fact that we are so stubborn, yet so sweet.
Just kidding.
Mules, because we are going to have mules. We are going to have horses, too. But mules are for packing. Honey comes from our apiary. One of the biggest reasons we moved out of town and into the middle of nowhere was to have ag land. I am going to have a small business, and that business is the bee business. I have plans for that, too.

Ryan will always be a cowboy, no matter what his day job happens to be.
I have always been envious of the "good ol' days."

Even though the new blog is not 100% how I want it to be... it mostly is. And, I can't keep up two blogs (I've been double posting for about three weeks now-it's driving me nuts). So, go have a look (all the same content), and visit me there. I'd love to have you join me on my adventure.

Plus, I'm planning a giveaway next week.

Mules N' Honey


  1. Will this be your last post on blogger??

  2. Yes. I think. Pretty sure about that. My new site is a blog, so the formatting is similar, but just different enough to make me happy. Posting in two different formats is a pain though. I'll keep this one active until I copy all my people back into my Google Reader account, and make a link list on my website.