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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Sonic Boom

I've just experienced a sonic boom. I was standing outside, talking to Ryan, who was in his patrol car going to work. The kids had a minimum day and were walking up the road. All of a sudden there was a huge, well, BOOM!!!!!! My ear popped, the side of his car dented briefly, and the kids, they came a runnin'!

I immediately looked towards the trailer, hoping it just didn't explode.


A little warning next time, Mr. Jet-man. A little warning.


Jessie came up to me and wiped her atomic hot flamin' Funyun's hands on my foot. Kacy and Will have the bus driver wrapped around their dirty little fingers. He brings them good treats almost daily. I don't mind... except I worry my kids are taking advantage. Spoiled, that's all.

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