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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Trip to the Dentist and Del Taco

The kids and I had dentist appointments today. Imagine sitting in the chair, all reclined, with the light shining in your eyes. You can see the dental instruments come from behind the top of your head. Then you see... Ed's face. Up close and personal, with a huge smile. The dental office I go to is very small. The dentist let Ed count my teeth, and even clean them. He was in heaven! We were the only ones in there, and we just rotated who sat in the chair for our check-ups.

The good news: No cavities for anyone! Which is amazing, as we regularly forget to brush teeth. I'm good about myself, of course, because I hate my tongue to feel fuzzy. I'm guessing the kids inherited their father's good teeth.

Afterward, we went to Del Taco because the kids were famished. Ya, teaching your kids "big words" sometimes comes back to bite you in the butt. "But Mom! I'm FAMISHED!"

The kids had a blast in the playland, and I counted it as great exercise for them. They will sleep well tonight! And, I have to record that they are slowly, but surely, growing up and not being terribly obnoxious in a store. Ed still has BIG problems with running away (that's SO BAD!), but the other three stay by me and don't yell anything crazy like, "Bounce, bounce, bounce! I'm a bouncy ball, ball, ball. BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE!" while hopping up and down the isles. (Which could be funny, if he didn't run into people and step on their toes...) We still have parking lot problems, too. So, other than keeping Ed from being ran over or lost forever, we are doing really well! We had fun today, and I'm going to count it as a success!

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