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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jessie!

Two years ago today, Jessie was born!

Labor was not long enough... just glad we made it to an "almost room" and that she was healthy! She was my smallest baby, and has continued to be my smallest child. She weighed something like 7 pounds, 5 oz when she was born. Which reminds me, I need to schedule her 2 year Dr. appt.

Dear Jessie,

You are two today! You are fully potty trained, and for that, I thank-you. Your favorite food is hot dogs (ewww!) and you don't like bean burritos. You are addicted to "juice momma" (Crystal Lite and a sippy cup). You say lots and lots of words, and it's not uncommon for you to yell at us if you don't get what you want. Last night you walked past me and said, " 'Cuse me, momma. 'Cuse me." You love babies, with Charbella being your favorite. Your cousin Levi is probably your best friend. You love Kacy, and I think you tolerate the boys. You LOVE your dad, and for every red truck you see, you shout, "Dad here! Yea!" Yesterday you clapped and cheered for him while he was driving the tractor. You are not afraid of heights, and have been removed from the top of ladders and scaffolding a few times. You LOVE going to nursery at church, which is SO NICE for me. Ed was rather a stinker when it came to going to the nursery, so you taking yourself and saying "Bye, momma!" is great. You love to have the window down in the car so it blows your hair around. You also love hats. Any hat. That's a good thing, because you hate having your hair done. I do it, and 10 minutes later it's out. And worse than before. You want a horse (for your next birthday maybe?), and call our big house "Daddy's house." I appreciate your mostly mellow nature.

I love you Jessie!



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