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Friday, March 12, 2010

House Update: A Bit of Plumbing and Our Flooring

Stuff is still being done on the house... I just didn't feel like taking pictures of it. Until yesterday, that is. The wind stopped blowing, the temperature warmed up a bit, and I felt like venturing outside.

Ryan has started some plumbing. These are stub-outs. That is where the PEX tubing will come in, and lead to traditional plumbing thingies.

We've got our flooring. Ryan and Michael picked it up yesterday. We ordered it from our local lumberjack. He got the logs from the mountains right behind our house. They are cool because they have the saw-curf (saw-kerf? who knows) marks in them. The marks are made from using a circular saw to mill the wood. That's old fashioned- most wood is cut with a band saw type of saw. It's all rough and will require finishing by us, but for the price we got it for, it can't be beat. It still needs to dry a little, but with our warming up and very dry climate, that won't take long.

We have also been "Spring Cleaning" the house. Moving lumber piles, throwing away bits of stuff... the wind out here can be ferocious. It blows away anything that's not tied down. I would say that I can't wait to landscape... but that would be a lie. I'd live in this house with nothing in front of it for several years without complaint.

Ryan has been working on the "Iron Chicken" at his parent's house. This chicken is actually a rooster, and a weather vane. I haven't seen it yet, because I want to be surprised at what it looks like. I'll probably laugh. But I'll love it, because Ryan took raw metal material and fabricated and chimney topper. Besides looks, it functional because it holds the chimney in place.

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