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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Lazy Day

Kacy stayed home from school today, and even though it's only noon, I'm calling it a wasted day. I did cook breakfast (sausage and egg burritos... yum!), and I have checked my email. Wait, that doesn't count. Um... I did the dishes. I'm still wearing my "almost dressed" clothes. These are my track pants and sweatshirt, an in between outfit that I put on to take the kids to the bus at the unhealthy time of 6:45am. It's time to get dressed though. I plan on wearing my work clothes- a pair of old nasty denim shorts and whatever tee shirt I can find. I only have 16 trees left, and then I'm finished! Until we order 100 more cuttings next month...

Looking at our mini-nursery, we decided we could try a garden again this year. I have a self proclaimed "black thumb of apoplectic death" but will try again. Our gardening challenges include, but are not limited to: children who pick anything green, rabbits who eat anything green, underground varmints, and a supply of water. It's not like we moved into a house with hose bibs every where, or sprinkler pipe already in. Any water we use comes from our well, and of course that means laying pipe for a few acres to get to the right spot. Not impossible, but not "easy." We have water (and soon, a fence) in this one spot, so I get to try a veggie garden again! I'm excited, yet nervous. I want tomatoes. Lots and lots of tomatoes. Carrots would be nice, as would onions. I'm not sure what else.

I told Ryan that when I get a green house I want it big enough to have two orange trees and a lemon/lime tree. If I'm going to dream, dream big, right?

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