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Friday, March 12, 2010

Motherhood Mojo: Found!

I forgot to mention that my mommy mojo is back. Writing things down often helps me clarify my problems, and lets me step back and see them more objectively.

My kids are behaving no differently.

But, I found out one of the biggest reasons for my ignoring them: and it's not ALL the trailer's fault. EVERY TIME I tell me kids something, the response is, "But Mom..." or "Mooo-ooom!" or similar. It is never "OK Mom!" They don't even give me silent reluctance. It's always an argument. It starts to wear on my nerves. Then I start taking it personally. (Don't ever take it personally. They'd do it to any mom they had.) I start thinking, "Why am I even here? I'm like an invisible entity that spurts out advice, admonitions, and commands which everyone ignores. The only time I'm important is when somebody needs to eat drink, or have their tooshie wiped." From there, it's a slippery slope of selfishness.

Although, I still maintain that I need 30-45 minutes a day for some solo exercise time. I'm doing my best to hold out for warmer weather, daylight before 7am, and a house with a room big enough to do a video every now and then. (P90X is on my list... but I think I'll start with the P90 I already have!) Exercise is good for the body AND the brain. Some of us female types need more endorphins for the brain for better mood balance, and I'm one of them.

Anyway, identifying the main problem is the important thing. Now, if anyone can tell me how to extract the unwillingness from my kids...

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