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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Deere Pool

While I labor away (slowly, oh so slowly) on the trees, I fill up the bucket of the John Deere with water and let the kids do WHAT-EVER. If that includes kicking their boots off, wearing PJ's, or only their undies... so be it. They have a blast!

***Unrelated, but pertaining to our dear Edsel:

"Hey Ed, what are you going to do for the talent show at church next month?" I ask Friday morning.

"I'm going to show them my moves." he replies. What?!? I expected him to say something like What's a talent show? or I'm not doin' anything!

"Your moves?"

"Yah, you know the song that goes We will, we will, rock you? Well, I'm going to show them my moves to that song."

Ummm... alrighty then. I didn't know he had moves, or that he had a desire to show them off on a stage.

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