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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Quick Trip to the Snow

Friday after Kacy and Will got off the bus, we headed for the mountains behind our house. We have a family friend who is selling some property up there and he wanted to know if a 2 wheel drive vehicle could make it in. Turns out it can't, and a four wheel drive can't make it all the way either. We came across our favorite lumberjack up there, and saw some beautiful country. We'd like to eventually run livestock up there on gov't land, and maybe find some place to stay. Almost all of it is unaccesible during the winter months. In fact, it's still winter up there. We are looking at lots of wildflowers in the area where we live, and 20 minutes away, it's still winter. Luckily, someone cleared the roads with a bulldozer and we were able to drive (in four wheel drive) fairly far. The kids weren't really prepared for snow. I was wearing running shoes. That was dumb, because they are meshy-vented. Anyway, he had a good time, except for the constant "Where are we going?" and "Will touched me!" and "Get your hand off me, Kacy!" Kid bickering... not so much fun. They enjoyed the 4x4 parts of it.

Jessie throwing a fit because the big kids left her behind, and she fell. Her hands landed in the snow and they got cold fast- she's not a fan of frozen fingers.

See how misty and eery it was? It kind of freaked the kids out. "Why is it getting dark?!?" "This is weird!" There were no clouds in the sky, but it seems that we drove right into one. We were about 6500 ft elevation, if I remember right.

The boys. Will found a stick and exclaimed, "I'm going hiking!" and Ed followed. So did Kacy. I stopped them, and they protested! Amazing. How easy to get lost in the uninhabited forest when you are 3 or 5 or even 6 years old. They were so offended that I wouldn't let them hike. Will tried to convince me that I could go with them, but I'm not stupid. If I can't see the truck, and all I have is a camera, I'll be lost.

I think I'll decorate my back bathroom with pictures of outhouses that I take myself. Here's my first one. This biffy had the best view! Nobody used it, but if you stand just in front of it and look out, the land drops down quite steeply, and the misty sky surrounding the trees is all you could see.

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