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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Thoughts

I'm more than ready for skinny jeans to be out of style. I received a JC Penny's ad in the mail today, and to my severe disappointment, skinny jeans were still all the rage, as well as flowy, one shouldered shirts. Bummer.

-I think Jessie has an ear infection. She's prone to them when she gets a cold, and sure enough, she woke from a nap in the car (on the drive from the big city to the mountains...away from the dr) with a fever. One ear is hotter than the other, according to my ear thermometer. Here's to some children's motrin and a good night's sleep. I may be traveling to the big city for the dr tomorrow. I like to get her in fast, since her eardrum was once perforated.

-I can't wait for the house to be finished. You can probably guess that, though. We didn't celebrate our four and a half year anniversary in the fifth wheel. I hope to celebrate the fifth anniversary by moving into the house. Cross your fingers and send good thoughts our way, please!

-The weather up here is alternating between very nice one day, and FREEZING cold the next three! I'm looking forward to spring- I have plans on taking my kids' photos in the wild flowers. We'll see. I do NOT look forward to the time change. It's now light when the kids go to the bus stop. When we change time, it will be dark again! And, I'm waiting for the time when it's light enough to walk/jog/run in the mornings before the kids wake up. When is that going to start? Four weeks? Six weeks?

-Ryan is starting to plumb and wire the house. Yipee! I should really post something over in the house progress section. Sometimes I get caught up with the mundane, and forget that in the future I'll want to know what went down. Sometimes the whole "Let's build our own house!" thing is exciting and fun and cool. Other times, it seems SO OVERWHELMING with all the things that have to be done that you just can't see straight.

-Last night we went to Pizza Hut with the kids. The host gave the kids some crayons and placemats to color. Ed was overheard talking to himself. "With this green crayon, I can do ANYTHING!"

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