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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today: Thursday Edition

Today I:

***planted only ten trees because my body was tired. It's like a workout!

***took a nap.

***went to a Primary Leadership meeting in Bakersfield. Ryan is working, so I took the kids and Sierra the "girl home from college baby-sitter" with me. She watched the kids while I was in the meeting, and in return I bought her dinner and ice-cream. On a side note, Jessie+ice cream sandwich late at night= A HUGE MESS IN THE CAR. But that's okay, because once again my car smells like dogs and feet, so it is due for a cleaning and airing out. (Four sweaty kids are gross smelling. It's incredible!)

Today was much more calm than yesterday. My favorite part was the nap. Here's an inside secret to my life: I drool when I take an afternoon nap. I NEVER drool at night. But it seems that without fail, I drool during the day. Gross! I wonder why...

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