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Monday, March 15, 2010


Today I attempted to transplant some of our trees. While leveling out a high spot in the ground, I told Ed to move so that when I threw the dirt, it wouldn't get him all dirty.

"You're throwing dirt? I'm great at that! Can I help?" I let him help. He had a blast.

-Yesterday two of my children had a hard time keeping their clothes on in their grandparents backyard. Ed lat least kept his dingy undies on. And, he only took off his pants because they had gotten all wet and dirty. Still, he had too much fun in his undies. Jocelyn had an extra pair of PJ's that looked like capris. He wore them, and this morning he was calling them his "Smartypants" like on "Between the Lions." Jessie on the other hand had no good reason for her buck nakedness. And the reaction she got from a bakcyard full of boys who think potty talk is SO FUNNY (you know the age...) only made her want to do it again. And again. She finally got a time out in the house and was told she couldn't go outside unless she kept her dress on.

-Saturday Ryan and I went to the Fresno temple. The drive was nice! On the way to my mom's house to drop off the kids, the kids all opted to ride with Ryan in his truck. They kind of bombarded him and didn't give him much of a choice. There was no way we could've divided up the crew into two cars, because whoever had to ride with me would have flipped. I had a nice hour and a half drive all to myself! It was weird. But, I could sing as loudly as I wanted to, to any song I wanted, without any one complaining.

-I got a handheld radio. And I wimpped out when it came time to talk on it. I am *this far* from saying "KJ6FIU, CQ" just to see if anyone answers. I even practice saying it aloud. But I get really nervous about my voice sounding right, and then if it does, what if someone answers me back? Then I think I'll just reply "Ok, so my radio works! Thanks! Bye!" I fear small talk, and I'm not very good at it. Ham radio is a lot of small talk. I'll get over it in a few days. Maybe.

-I am cooking brownies in a crock pot. I am wondering if they'll turn out.

-All the light bulbs but two in have gone out in the trailer in the last two weeks. A trailer would last FOREVER if it had normal use. Our is holding up pretty well, all things considered.

-I've been doing some genealogy research into both sides of my dad's family. He's got some cousins he didn't know about, and my g-g-grandfather on my grandma's side has LOTS of family members. I am in correspondence with someone from my dad's generation. I like geneaology research. I could spend hours looking on the Internet, in the library (I need to go to our local library... they've got a great collection of reference books for marriage records and such!), or at a microfilm booth. Weird, no?

-I saw a T-shirt in a catalog that read, "I before E, except after C. Weird?" Now I know how to spell!

-Wednesday is a minimum day and parent-teacher conferences. I can't believe the year is almost over, and I'm excited for summer vacation! The kids are taking swim lessons, we have a few day trips planned, and I hope (hope! hope! hope!) we get to move into the house.


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