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Monday, March 15, 2010

Which Animal Would YOU Be?

Ryan was once asked this question in an FFA interview of some kind. I think it's supposed to be some psychological indicator. His answer? A badger. That's bad, no matter how you look at it. He said it flew out of his mouth without him really thinking about it.

I've never been asked that question, and I'm not sure what my answer would be. If I were asked which animal I'd like to be, I'd say a duck. A mallard duck that lived in a campground with streams running through it. They can fly and they can swim! And they don't have feeling in their legs, so technically their feet never feel cold! They just bob along in the water all peaceful like. If I couldn't be a duck, my next choice might be a sea otter... but they seem kind of vulnerable.

I don't think Ryan is anything like a badger. I'm not really sure what he would be.

What animal would you identify best with?

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