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Friday, April 30, 2010

Addicted to A Sippy Cup

Jessie is addicted to sippy cups. She nurses them. Check out her tongue! Her lower jaw moves just like when she was nursed. The day this picture was taken, she had sipped two quarts (an entire pitcher!) of Crystal Lite all by herself... before noon. All I heard was "More juice, momma!" over and over. That night, I threw the cup away. She doesn't seem to miss it, although at my mom's house she had a sippy cup with her lunch and LOVED it. Although it was kind of cute to watch her get her cup of juice, find her blankie, and then go and hide in a corner like an addict only coming out for a refill, it was time for the sippy cup to go.

Update: After the sippy cup was gone, I bought her a water bottle at the gas station. We were out and about! But then she clung to that thing for like two weeks! To help her addiction to all things with a spout, we went away for the day. On a train trip. I brought Capri Suns and my aluminum canteen to drink out of. The water bottle *somehow* was thrown away (and buried under trash so she wouldn't dig it out!). She's been fine! I did make sure not to let her drink out of anything that she could suck on for about a month. Now, she's cool with whatever. Even a sippy at grandma's house! She'll drink out of it, but she doesn't carry it around asking for 2 quarts of "juice" a day. Hurray!

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