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Friday, April 23, 2010

Culture Shock!

Tonight we got some culture, and I'm shocked with the kids' behavior.

The school had an art festival that ran tonight for an hour and a half, and then tomorrow for a few hours. Local artists and most of the students entered. It was really good! They had a guest sign-in area where the kids signed in, a table with cheese, crackers, grapes, and juice, fancy napkins, and two hostesses. There was a jazz band playing. I recognized most of the songs (from where? I'm not sure... my days watching I Love Lucy episodes?) and the kids wandered around looking at the displays. A few local photographers were there showcasing their photos. Lots of local landscapes. So beautiful. After we toured the gym, we headed on out with plates of food for the grass outside. I thought I'd spare the clean-up crew the aftermath of my children and snacks. While outside, we saw THE PIRATE LADIES coming in. The pirate ladies are our Sweet Adelines group. We saw them practicing while at 4-H awhile ago, and the kids were enthralled. When we saw them coming in, we decided to go back into the gym and listen for awhile. We ended up staying the whole time. Kacy sat with her teacher and the principal (her friends). Ed mostly watched/listened, and Will and Jessie were so attentive. It almost made me cry tears of joy. Jessie probably loved it the most- the pirate costumes, the "arhgs," and the singing. The singing was really good. She clapped enthusiastically after every song.

Just thought I'd document for myself that my kids CAN be really good. Even Ed. Tonight helps to push the recent memory of taking Ed into the bank with me, and having him and Jessie sit in the chairs they always sit in. This time though, I look up from my half filled out deposit slip, and I see Ed without boots or socks climbing and jumping from chair to chair to chair. The worst was that a bank teller came over to talk to him... oh boy. I was already on my way, but I was mortified. And then I was angry that I couldn't do a simple task such as depositing a check into the bank without having a catastrophe. And a nervous break-down. But tonight? Tonight makes that memory a little blurry... and gives me hope of raising civilized children yet. Well, mostly civilized.

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