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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ed and His Showers

Every night at bath time, I hear the same complaints from my children. “ I hate baths.” “I hate showers.” “I don't want to.” “Are you going to wash my hair? I hate my hair washed.”

Without exception, Will always (100% of the time) says, “Oh, oh, oh, it's too hot!” or “Oh, oh, oh, it's too cold!” It's never just right for him. Ever.

The other night, he says “Oh, oh, oh, it's too hot!” I roll my eyes and claim that it isn't hot. I proceed to turn the shower on Ed. He screams “Mom! It's too wet! It's too wet, mom!” and he starts crying.

I bust up laughing, which surprises him a little, and he gets mad. “I HATE THE SHOWER! IT'S TOO WET!”

I tried to explain to him why showers were wet. It wasn't easy. Something like, “Uh, dude. Showers are wet, cuz they use, like, tons of water...”

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