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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Going Camping

You know we live in a trailer. An 8'x38'. About 320 square feet. I've washed clothes in the tub (sidenote- I got a new washer! A new USED one. I love it!), I've had to give the kids sponge bathes by heating up some water in the microwave in a bowl, I haven't baked anything in four and a half years, with the exception of a bad cake and a pan of enchiladas in a toaster oven in the shed. That was stupid, but you gotta try, right? We've had two more kids while living in the trailer. I didn't have the Internet for 14 months. Our trailer "runneth over" with stuff for a family of six to live and still be presentable to the public. You wouldn't know it by looking at us that we live in a trailer. I consider that a great feat. And, I have been able to keep my sanity without meds or a therapist. (Somdedays I'm *this close* though. For reals.) Anyways, the last few days, the "stuff" in our trailer is getting to me. This morning I decided that we will pack up lots and lots of "stuff" and put it in our storage. We'll adopt the attitude that we are indeed camping. It'll only be for a few months until the house is done... things are coming along a day at a time, but they are coming along. The responsible part of me says to just go through it and decide where it goes, but that's fairly hopeless. In our house, I'll have lots of bookshelves for books. I'll have closets for clothes. I'll have a desk for bills. A caddy for magazines. So, instead of throwing everything out (aka: donating it!) I think I'll just pack it all up and when it's time to move in, I'll go through it then.

For now we are downsizing. I figure it's easier to do that than swear like a sailor (okay not like a sailor, but maybe his granddaughter?) every time I trip over something. The girls get three church outfits, the boys get one, and for play clothes they will get three bottoms and four tops. For myself, that's about all I have, so that will be easy. Winter clothes need to disappear though. The kids' toys were confiscated about three weeks ago and they haven't really missed them. So that's easy. Papers and magazines... ugh. Put them all in a bag and forget about them?

Spring cleaning, here I come. Everyone else, WATCH OUT!

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