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Monday, April 19, 2010

Minter Field Fly-In, 2010

Saturday we headed out to Shafter, California for the Minter Field Fly-in. Not an air show, the fly-in is open to small aircraft. There were lots of WWII craft there, as Minter Field was a WWII military air training station. The kids loved it, again. Ryan wasn't able to go with us, but we saw the Delgado cousins, and Amy met us there. Ryan and I are interested in getting a plane someday- a Carbon Cub (lots o' moola), or more likely a Super Cub. But since that's in at least 10 years... for now it's just fun to look.

Next to the shiniest plane I've ever seen...

There was A LOT of this going on the whole time. At least, until they got sno-cones. Then they were concentrating on walking and slurping at the same time.

After the fly-in we went to Amy's and had lunch at her house. I should have taken pictures of her backyard... it's beautiful! On the way home, I finally decided to pull over and take a picture of one of the most beautiful hills I get to see every time I drive to the big city.

Zoomed in... So pretty! I love where I live. Soon it will be dry and brown for our summers, but that's what you get when you have seasons. Right now the fillaree is coming out and I drive through about a mile of purple. And cows. It's cow season, which means that when you live in open range country, the cows are out. They'll head up higher the warmer it gets, but for now they're out and about. So cute! We love cattle! (Both to look at, and to eat.)

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