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Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Washer, No Problem!

I'm goin' old school! Remember this episode of "I Love Lucy?" She wanted to soak up some local color while in Italy, and smashed grapes with her feet. I did NOT smash grapes with my feet, but I did a load of laundry in my bathtub, and I kept thinking of this scene. Maybe because I was tempted to agitate the clothes with my feet. Maybe next time. The reason I washed my clothes by hand in the tub is because my washer broke last week. Or was it the week before? Anyway, I was just at the laundromat on Tuesday, and didn't want to go back already. We don't have a lot of room in the trailer to let clothes pile up... it's the bane of my existence, I tell you. The whole clothes-storage-laundry-thing-in-the-trailer. By far the hardest part. We'll see how the clothes work out. They are on the line right now, ready to dry overnight. They certainly come out more wet- I can only ring out so much water by hand. Jessie was helping me. She actually did help do her own clothes. She loves playing in water, so this was right up her alley. While I was washing the clothes, I was kind of kneading them with my hands. Jessie decided that was momma's job, and instead she got behind me and kept slapping my bootie saying, "Go, Momma, go!"

I didn't mind the washing so much, as it's a pretty good workout. (Wow. I really do hate the laundromat!) However, I am curious how it's going to turn out, because I'm no machine. Am I going to put on my shirt and have it start to smell an hour later, even though it been "washed" AND I use deodorant? Not something you want to find out in public... or what if I didn't rinse the clothes well enough and they get all stiff? I guess I'll find out when they dry!

In other news, today at my grandma's, Ed found a snail. She told him to smash it with a rock, and he protested saying, "No! It's a cute wittle snail, and I want to take him home!" He was thrilled when the snail poked his head out... it took me five minutes to convince him to put the snail in the flower bed to he could "play with it next time we visit." While making our way to the car he stopped and said, "Wait, Mom! There's a cute wittle worm! I can take him home instead!" Earlier today while at Walmart he asked me if he could eat a fruit snack that he had found in the parking lot. At least he asked, so I could tell him no.

While Ed, Jessie, George, and I were walking to the kids bus stop this afternoon, we got buzzed by a bee. Apparently we got too close and she felt she had to attack. She got stuck in my pony tail. I was only kind of (really) freaking out, as I've never been stung, and Cherie got stung last week on her nose and her whole face was swollen. Having a bee that close to my head and face made me really nervous. I'd rather be stung on a finger or something. Anyway, I dropped the dog's leash, did a spastic dance, and started running. The bee then buzzed Ed, circling his head. THEN it went for George, who not happy about having a bee like that so close. All through the darting and screaming, Jessie just stood there and laughed. She thought is was SO FUNNY that the dog, Ed, and I all looked like we had ants in our pants. We took an alternate route through the bushes to get home.

Ryan and I have a few fundamental differences in our likes/dislikes. Ryan likes: TV, old country music, snow. I like: reading, pop music, the beach. In the car on the way to Oregon, we were listening to his iPod. We went through two albums (Corb Lund- that I like, and Dave Stamey- he's okay), and when he put the third on- Don Edwards... he lost me. I was about to fall asleep. We changed to my iPod, and the first song that came on was "Let's Get It Started" by The Black Eyed Peas. It's on a running mix I have. The contrast was astounding... and highly amusing.

The house is a comin' along! A little something everyday! Can't wait to see insulation and drywall... maybe next month! I'm doing all the tiling work in the house, so Michael, Dad, and Dany, watch out! I might be asking for advice, especially when it comes to tiling ceilings. I helped my dad tile our house when I was in fifth grade, and I remember watching a how-to video with him, and I remember most of the "how-to." To say I'm out of practice would be the understatement of the year. But, I'm looking forward to it.

I have a sewing project this week- and I'm a little nervous. I'm way rusty in the sewing department. It's an easy project (so it says...). I'm making Kacy a bolero, Simplicity Pattern 2432. It'll be really cute with her new blue dress she got while I was in Oregon. We'll see though. I have to make it before Sunday, or she will be majorly upset. It's only two pieces and lined... but the instructions are a little funky.

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