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Monday, April 5, 2010

That I Even Have Thoughts About "High School Musical..."

Kacy saw a commercial for "High School Musical", version 1, 2, AND 3. She really wanted to watch them. I had seen the first two (I suppose that's what you get when you work with the pre-teen and teen girls in church) and they aren't too bad, all things considering. The third one? Ugh. Will, who is now bugging Kacy by singing "High School Musical" over and over, and striking Troy Bolton poses, had the following to say:

Me: "Oh no. They aren't going to sing AGAIN, are they?" Muttered to myself. Seriously, the teen angst and constant ballads were a bit much for me.

Will: "Uh, Mom? That's why they call it a 'musical.'"

He's right. But this musical was more like a music video with some talking. And the whole "adults playing high school kids" kept running through my head. Kacy loved it, but I guess I'm just too old. An old fuddy-duddy, if you will. But, since Kacy likes a little love story with music, I'm going to introduce her to the "Sound of Music," my favorite. "Annie" is a good one, too. That'll have to wait until the house is done, so that our TV will be in a separate room. That way we can kick the boys out. As funny as they are making fun of "High School Musical," it's a bit much for my nerves to have a movie going, Kacy yelling at the boys to be quiet and sit down, and the boys being... well, being boys making fun of their sister and her choice of movies.

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