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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today I Shopped. And I Smiled!

After last Thursday's "Day of Fun" with the kids, I called my mom and cried, "Mom! I need some alone time!!!!" Today I got my brows waxed, so I no longer look like a hairy man-ape. I opted not to get a pedicure, and do that myself at home. It's NOT the same, but I decided the money would be better spent elsewhere. LIKE ON SOME CLOTHES! Woo-hoo! I found some men's shorts for wearing around the house (they'll be my everyday shorts... EVERY-DAY!) and also some dressier shorts. I think of clothes in terms of work clothes, workout clothes, clothes that will be stained with snot, and "baby shower clothes." There are some occaisions when I don't want to wear "church clothes," but need to look kind of nice. Now, I realize there are loads of gals who wear nice clothes anytime they are in public. I'm just not one. I wish I were, because I tend to run into people I don't see often when I look, well, not-so-dressed. Anyway, I know own a pair of cute shorts good enough for almost any occaision. I had fun shopping (this is like a miracle. A Kodak moment, if you will). I looked at shoes, too. I found an okay pair for spring and summer dressing up, and found my favorite brand of running shoe, but didn't have the extra cash for a pair of running shoes I can wait on for another month. I'm still waiting for the weather and mornings to line up better so I can wake up early and run every now and then. Right now it's still pitch black at 5:45am, and this morning it was 25*. Too dark and too cold. But, I'm gearing up. I need some fitness in my life so I can control this upward spiral of flabiness. Besides looking good, I want to be able to keep up with my kids. They run fast!

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