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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writing for Demand Studios

Remember I once upon a time posted something about freelance writing for Demand Studios? Well, I quit after about two weeks. I realized that Ryan would make more money with one hour of overtime than I would for a day's work. It's sad and pathetic. That, coupled with the fact that I didn't like it... well, after doing a cost-benefit analysis, I stopped. I was making about $5.00 an hour doing something that bored me. If I needed a work-from-home job to support my family, I am sure this would not be a good match for me. The forums are full of questions like, "Does it take everyone this long to write an article?" with responses that indeed, you will get faster. I always considered myself a fairly adequate writer. (Don't judge my blog editing... I often blog while fending children off my back in the midst of a WWF wrestling match complete with underwear on heads- so I have typos.) Article writing just wasn't a good fit for me. Not now with the kids, and not now for $5.00 an hour.

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